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About Me

My Story

Daniel Korski CBE is a figure of international repute, known for his adept political advisory roles, entrepreneurial ventures, and significant contributions to public service. Born in Denmark in April 1977, he has established himself in the UK as a linchpin in the interplay between government, technology, and innovation. His career is a testament to his ability to navigate complex political landscapes, foster technological advancement in the public sector, and champion forward-thinking policies.

Personal Life

Fluent in multiple languages, Korski’s linguistic skills have been an asset in his international dealings. He is married to Fiona Mcilwham, a distinguished diplomat, further exemplifying a family deeply ingrained in public service.

My Education

Korski’s educational journey laid the foundation for his diverse career. Moving to the UK in 1997, he pursued his higher education at two of the world’s most prestigious institutions. He graduated from the London School of Economics, where he honed his understanding of economic and political sciences. Subsequently, he furthered his academic pursuit at the University of Cambridge, enriching his knowledge and analytical skills, which later became pivotal in his policy-making roles.

My Career

Korski’s career is marked by notable roles in both the political and entrepreneurial spheres.

In the realm of international relations, he made significant contributions as a senior policy fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations, where his expertise in the Balkans and the Middle East was particularly valued. His strategic advisory role to Catherine Ashton, the High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, underscored his influence in shaping European foreign policy.

In the UK, Korski’s political acumen came to the forefront during his tenure as deputy head of the Number 10 Policy Unit under Prime Minister David Cameron from 2013 to 2016. His involvement in various policy proposals showcased his ability to navigate complex political issues with strategic insight.

Transitioning from frontline politics, Korski embraced his entrepreneurial spirit by founding PUBLIC in 2017, a company dedicated to bridging the gap between new technology and the public sector. His leadership in PUBLIC underscores his commitment to fostering innovation in government services.

Throughout his career, Korski has been a proponent of public service and community leadership. His appointment as a Commander of the Order of British Empire (CBE) in 2016 is a testament to his contributions to political and public service.

My Approach
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